Anarchy Adventures Partnership Guidelines

We believe in simply by being ourselves, and work with companies that see that as a strength. We partner with brands that align their beliefs with our mission: More adventure, less work & dont be an arsehole. We consider our partnering sponsors like family, and vice versa. We typically ask for a minimum commitment of 12 month.

The following guidelines address sponsor messages that appear on Anarchy Adventures digital platforms, including, mobile apps, social media copy, and pretty much anywhere our content exists in the digital realm.

Our Articles and blog are distinctly unique from other outdoor industry commercial advertising. We respect the brands we work with and our audience by remaining truthful about a product and/or service, and we consider our partnerships like a long-term relationship. We never make false claims and we always keep it fun.

To learn more about opportunities with Anarchy Adventures, please review our Partnership Recognition Guidelines below and reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. If you are interested in working together or would like to receive a Sponsorship Deck to learn more about opportunities, please contact us.

  1. Anarchy Adventures maintains an open access policy based on lack of bias and reserves the right to decline support from prospective sponsors at its discretion.
  2. Sponsor messages may include:

    • Qualitative language that describe a quality or feature of a product or service, provided it is true and accurate
    • Product and service pricing, provided the language is tasteful
    • Reference to free trials or products that are free, and availability of a discount or special offer
    • Language directing the user to the sponsor’s website or other source for more information or redeem a discount or offer
    • Language that focuses on features for a more direct approach
    • Environmental acknowledgements, if and where relevant

  3. Anarchy Adventures reserves the right to decline any prospective sponsorship or promotional message at its discretion.

    • Content must comply with law, including not making false, misleading, or questionable claims; that it makes fair competitive claims; and that it complies with standards of decency and dignity
    • Anarchy Adventures does not accept sponsorships or use promotional messages that support products or services subject to abuse, such as tobacco, marijuana and gambling
    • Anarchy Adventures does not accept sponsorships or use promotional messages that support clinical test or health claims, for example, “clinically proven” and “scientifically proven”
    • Anarchy Adventures does not accept sponsorships or use promotional messages that support or oppose any candidate for political office or a public referendum and will not use messages referencing candidates, referenda, or elections

Within these guidelines, should a number of individual questions of judgment or interpretation arise, they will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. These guidelines are expected to evolve over time.