What is movement? What is the cause of movement? Movement is the most fundamental phenomenon in the Universe. Without movement no life and no life without movement. What does this mean for us as humans? What is the balance between moving yourself instead of moving digital information while sitting down yourself?

As biological beings, we are built to be worn out. If we look at ourselves from an evolutionary point of view, we should spend most of the days moving over great distances: hunting, running, climbing, and gathering.

Therefore, it is no wonder that a large proportion of us do not really thrive, are a little too fat, smoke or drink too much. Or whatever bad habits we have now adopted, now that our living conditions go in the direction of sitting on our flat r meste most of the day (average 9.3 hours).

We are addicted animals, and it has been a survival strategy that the faster the body establishes a repetition pattern, the less energy it needs and thus also less consumption of food. What kept us alive from the beginning has now become the No. 1 enemy – the power of habit.

Sedentary work is the new smoking!

There has been a lot of research into sedentary work, and the consequences of that, by e.g. dr. James Levine, an expert in obesity and a researcher at the Mayo Clinic in the USA. You might think… well yes, but I train twice a week and run on Sundays, so I’m not in the danger zone. … Wrong! The problem is according to dr. James Levine that it is not enough, it is the daily continuous treadmill that is the whole problem. We are simply moving too little in general, and the consequences of that are alarming.

As soon as you sit down:

  • Shuts off the electrical activity in the leg muscles.
  • Calorie burn drops to one per. minute
  • The enzyme activity that helps break down fat decreases by 90%.
  • After two hours, the ‘good’ cholesterol drops by 20%.
  • After 24 hours, insulin efficiency has decreased by 24%, increasing the risk of diabetes.
  • (Ref .: medicalbillingandcoding.org)

The point here is not to paint the hell on the wall, but to scratch the picture up and not least to encourage everyone to get more out of the office chair! Go for a walk, run, bike, what works for you – take the lunch break in use, or get exercise while you transport yourself to and from work.

The bonus is the endorphin release – the body’s very own happiness substance that is triggered through active movement. The world becomes more affordable, positive and bright when you have profits. And now that we are at the profit, an increased profit usually also has the effect that you become more responsive to other people, more sharp and decisive. Win-win!

If you do more of something and have more focus on it, it just as slowly becomes a habit. It’s possible! As a wise man said several hundred years ago: An object in motion tends to remain in motion, an object in motion tends to remain in motion. Movement is life, stay alive. If you move, so do your surroundings, your coworkers, your friends, and your family. If we all keep moving, there are no limits to what we can accomplish…

If the battery is still having a bit of a hard time kickstarting, check out this video (it works for me every time).

Have a great, active weekend out there!