Writing about what we do, what we think about doing it and what we learn from it, is perhaps only interesting to ourselves.

We will nevertheless continue to do so, primarily because we can’t help ourselves, but also because we are sick and tired of reading about all the things we need to do to better ourselves, to have more success, more money, become younger-looking and who knows what.

We are aiming for not being arseholes and as happy, curious and care free as it is humanely possible to be. We hope you find some inspiration on these pages to be more care free, curious and happy. And we are sure you’re not an arsehole.

We have been around the block as one would say. Been there done that got the T-shirt. We have both been working in corporate life and around big corporations for many years. Experienced the stress and hierarchy horror in poorly managed teams, bad leaders and cruel organisational cultures. It is something that is possible to change and replace with a more suitable human driven culture.

We believe that taking ownership, respond instead of react, and freedom to work how you choose to, is the key to a happier and healthier life and much more i synch with our humannature.

What we find on our adventures is real life / the real world, a rythm that resonances with in us, a tempo that seems better, inspiration and a humming of life.

ORGANISATIONAL CONSULTING ( yes we do corporate occasionally )


Janus Kleemann
My specialty is optimizing performance & focus in organizations. With a practical & analytical approach to leadership & team development, team building, behavior & culture. A common thread in my work is development and training in practice. Based on concrete experiences & reflections related to your everyday life and challenges, we work towards giving you a new understanding & performance optimization at the crossroads between taskwork and teamwork.

Coaching Conversations that matter. Conversations with consequence.

Nanna Seidelin
I find that often, when we have a challenge, it needs another set of eyes to become clear to us. Not necessarily because we don’t know what to do, but because it’s complicated. Or complex. And so we drown in the details, in all the different possible outcomes or paths of action or, most likely, all the different organisational reasons why we can’t solve it. Well, I can be that other set of eyes and help you get some perspective and a clear road so you can set the appropriate course of action.